Dear God – Aug 14 2017

Hello there God

Why am I hurting again?

I feel so alone because I can’t tell anyone what I am feeling right now.

Good thing Prince is here with me. He’s my savior ever since Mom died. Then Dad, a few months ago.

I don’t know how can my dog do it but he can feel it whenever I’m sick or feeling down.

You know that feeling, you want to die because you are hurting so much. And you’re all alone in the house with your dog, with your thoughts.

Whenever I feel this much hurt and I want to die, I would always tell myself that it’s not my time yet. I still have to travel to many places and discover new things.

I know this day too shall pass and I’m waiting for it to be finished. My tears keepĀ on flowing from eyes like a river.

I need to think I’m blessed than others. But it really doesn’t comfort me right now. Why?

Because I keep wondering why I am getting hurt when I have good intentions for everybody. I don’t know why I can’t live my life the way I want it to.

I know You know, I have helped a lot of people. Not only my friends but strangers as well. Especially street children and elderlies. I always make it a point to give them food or money. I also treat strangers with respect. I smile at them and make some short conversations if I feel it’s needed. I care for them like they’re close to me.

But WHY??? Why am I still not happy when I keep doing good things in life?

Pls tell me what’s wrong in my life. Or is it, who’s wrong in my life?

I really, really, really want to give up but I feel I still need to do a lot of things.






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July 2, 2017

If today is my last day on earth, I can say Im not fully happy. I believe in reincarnation so I guess, I will just become a happier person in my next life.

I want to have a new life. I don’t need a lot of money and material things. All I need in life is to love and to understand me. šŸ’Æ

I wish I can make people happy too. I want to be reborn as a comedienne.

I miss you Mom and Dad. I hope we can be together soon. šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™

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The Story Behind The 3 years

I remember during our English Training days in Feb 2008, nasa first row ka and nasa 2nd row ako. Ang impression ko sayo was suplado and masungit. Mdalas mo ako itext na sabihin sa trainer natin na maleleyt ka and skin ka din nagsabi nung umabsent ka. 8 lng tyo nakapasa sa section natin na B sa English Training but we were merged with other Batch 11 (A to F) and we became Batch 153. We were divided to 3 groups. A, B, and C. Tayong dalawa lng sa Batch 11B ang magkasama sa Batch 153B and nasa 153A silang lahat pero nagkikita-kita pa rin tyo during Product Training days in April.

Palagi tyong magkasama during breaks and lunch and magkasabay din tyo umuwi. Ang babaw natin minsan kc lagi tyong tawa ng tawa sa maliit na bagay lng. Basta na lng kita nakikita na tumatawa tpos matatawa na din ako. Tpos lalo pa ako matatawa pag binulong mo na sakin kng bakit ka tumatawa haha. Kaya ung first impression ko sayo ay nabago na. Mabait ka pala. Sbi mo sakin, oo mabait ka and madalas mamisinterpret ng mga babae ang mga gnagawa mo kaya nung HS ka akala nila nililigawan mo sila like kng sasabay kang umuwi etc. And ako never ko naman namisinterpret gnagwa mo kc i had my own problems that time kaya araw2 akong sad or umiiyak when im alone and ikaw lng nagpapasaya ng buhay ko araw2. After shift, lagi mo ako niyayaya kumain pag baba natin sa Buendia Taft. KFC, Chowking, Wendy’s, Greenwich, at Jollibee ang mga saksi sa lahat.

Araw2 tyong dalawa lng magksama during Product Training and you made me your bestfriend. Kasi sabi mo kakaiba ako. U feel dependent on me. Sabi mo mabait ako sa lahat. We became closer.

We are texting everyday. Even during our day offs. Araw2 na walang mintis. Twing paggsing ko andami mong quotes and sometimes jokes. Through text messaging din tyo nagtanungan ng mga favorite food and drinks natin.

Araw2 tyong magkasama and sabi mo favorite mo lasagna (my favorite too) kaya lagi kita dinadalhan ng lasagna ng Greenwich for almost 2months yata un na naging mag bestfriend tyo.

Nagkatanungan din tyo ng mga favorite movies and nakakatuwa kc andami nating gsto na magkakapareho. May 1, 2008 ng yayain mo ako manood ng sine sa MOA and we ate in Pizza Hut first, then we bought Java Chips in Starbucks before seeing Ironman.

After the movie, you asked me kng meron pa ako gstong puntahan natin sabi ko ikaw baka may gsto ka pang puntahan. Wla akong maisip nung time na un and galing tyo ng shift so sabi ko uwi na lng tyo para makapagrest. After a wk, niyaya mo ako ulit manood ng movie sa MOA. And ung pangatlo na nanood tyo ng movie was in May 25. May outing ang ePLDT Ventus sa Enchanted Kingdom that day. Since ayaw mo sumakay ng rides kundi Jungle Log Jam lng, nanood na lng tyo ng movie sa MOA. After the movie, naupo tyo sa may tabing dagat and u asked me again kng san ko pa gsto pmunta. I kidded you na punta tyo ng QC. You asked me why. I replied, wala lng. Sbi ko uwi na lng tyo at gabi na. And almost 12mn na yata tyo umuwi.

Bago tyo mag Enchanted Kingdom on May 25th, dumating ung time na habang kumakain tyo sabi mo sakin ihahatid mo ako sa sakayan ng bus simula ng araw na un. Nagtataka man ako sayo eh d pa rin ako nag isip ng kng anuman sa mga pinapakita mong efforts sakin sa araw2. Pag alam mong down ako sa personal kong buhay at down ako sa work, lagi ka gumagawa ng way para tumawa ako ng malakas. Para tyong mga baliw na tawa ng tawa sa training room and sa jeep.

Don ako natuwa sayo kc ikaw lng tanging taong nagparamdam skin kng gaano ako kaimportante. Sobra2ng effort mo sakin as a bestfriend. Andami ko din embarassing moments with you like ung nadulas ako sa overpass sa Taft kc nagtutulakan tyo. Tpos natagusan ako sa KFC habang kumakain tyo and pulang pula ung upuan. Khit na malakas ung ulan at wala kang payong, nagprisinta ka na bumili ng undies at shorts ko para makapagpalit ako don.

May time na mababa ang QA scores ko nung Transit natin and naiyak ako kc parang mawawala na ako sa ePLDT Ventus. Habang umiiyak ako sa teammate ko, nkita kita nakatingin ka sakin and u offered ur hanky. During break time lagi mo ako binibili ng Ham and Bacon Sandwich. And after shift, may time na hinihintay mo ako ng 1hr, 2hr, and even for 3hrs ganon ka katiyaga sakin. Sbi mo, sakin ka lng naging gnon kc mabait ako sayo. Sbi mo, pag sakin, AUTOMATIC. It means, pag may kelangan ka, ibinibigay ko na khit d ka nagsasalita. And gnon ka din skin. I dont need to ask u anything coz u’re already providing it for me.

Lagi ka sakin nagpapadownload ng mga songs mo sa cellphone ko and twing break time natin and lunch, hinihiram mo cel ko para patugtugin ung mga kantang dinownload ko for u.

Pinamemorize mo sakin ung Your My Guardian Angel. And araw2 un ang pinapakinggan ko sa bus, bago matulog and pagkagising. During off, paulit ulit ko din un pinakinggan and nung memorize ko na sabi mo kantahin ko. So khit nahihiya ako, kinanta ko un nung nasa lobby tyo nakatambay.

Tpos may time na nagkakapareho tyo ng kulay ng damit and akala nila nag usap tyo about it. So ung mga sumunod na weeks sinasadya na natin na pareho tyo ng kulay. One time, may eat out ung team nyo sa McDo (Makati ave) and sinama mo ako. Magbestfriends ung coaches natin kaya ksama din ung coach ko nung time na un. Nung time naman na ung team namin ang may eat out sa Mcdo (JP Rizal), ikaw naman ang isinama ko. And they were asking us kng tyo ba. Tpos un mga batchmates natin un din ang lagi na tanong satin halos araw2. Lagi nating sagot na bestfriends lng tyo.

Lahat alam na tayo na kc nakikita nila sa mga mata natin and mga kilos natin pero tyo na lng pala huling nakakaalam na tyo na pala. Kasi nung nagpunta tyo ng Enchanted Kingdom, very sweet ka sakin. And niyaya mo ako na magpunta ng Sun City the following week.

May 30, 2008 – This is the day we went to Sun City and we stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. That’s the time na naging tyo.

Sbi mo- Ang saya2 ko. Pag palaging ganito, sa kasalan ang derecho nito.

Sbi mo pa- Sobrang saya ko, mula ngayon d na ako magtatago ng nararamdaman ko.

Ang takaw2 natin during our stay there. Nasira ung diet ko. Once a day lng ako kumakain pero nung time na un, andami natin order. We went there again the following week and mas madami ang order natin. Bumili tyo sa Burger King, 7pcs chickenjoy ng jollibee, shanghai rolls and shanghai rice sa Max’s, softdrinks, half gallon na ice cream, indian mango, pansit bihon at ano pa ba kinain natin? Hmm, Liempo pa yata.

Nasira ung tyan ko that weekend kc d sanay madaming kinakain kaya every 10mins nsa CR ako and buo2 pa ung kinain ko so it means d ako natunawan. Pero ok lng enjoy naman. We went again to Sun City for 3 consecutive weeks before we rented in Makati.

Sbi mo sakin nung time na un, walang tumatagal sayo kc mahirap kang kasama. And I was wondering kng bkit kc that time, I felt that you’re a perfect person. Wala ako makitang flaws mo. Nung nagtagal, nalaman ko na sobra kang matampuhin gaya ko. Dhil bunso ako kaya madalas ako magtampo samin at sa mga friends ko pero nung magkasama na tyo mas grabe ka pa pala sakin. And naturuan kita na manuyo kc d ka marunong. Madami din ako naturo sayo like pagiging unselfish. Kasi sabi mo sa inyo pag kumakain ka d ka nag aalok. One time, nagdala ka ng Jollibee na take out sa apartment and sabi ko bkit para sa sarili mo lng. Sbi mo sorry d ka sanay kaya simula nung time na un eh palagi mo na ako iniisip. Nasobrahan naman haha. Kaya ayun napataba mo ko at lagi mo ko tinitirhan sa lahat ng kinakain mo. Napataba din kita and lahat ng tao sa inyo nagulat ng umuwi ka. Family, Friends, and Neighbors. Iisa lng sinabi nila. Ang taba mo na! haha. Kahit sa work and natutuwa ka sbi mo kc tumataba ka and d mo na nasusuot ung mga dati mong pants kaya bumili na tyo ng mas malaki. Even your undies are getting bigger and bigger eh.

Nakakatuwa kc ang bilis mo patabain. Araw2 ba naman tayong ice cream eh at lahat ng kinakain natin madalas fastfood. Kng magluto man tyo eh lahat ng favorite natin. Sinong hindi tataba at wala pa tyong problema? Every week Family pizza na tag isa. Andok’s. Max’s. Chowking. Jollibee. Greenwich. KFC. Mcdo. R Lapid’s. Burger King. Shakey’s. Pizza hut. Goldilocks. Red Ribbon. Hmm, did I forget something?

Along the way ng pagsasama natin, since pareho tyong matampuhin, ako na ung nag give way. So ever since, d na ako marunong magtampo. Kaw na lng palagi ang gnon and ako lagi ang nanunuyo.

Araw2 tyo nagkikita sa apartment at sa office pero namimiss pa rin natin ang isa’t isa. Nagkakasundo tyo sa LAHAT ng bagay and nawala na sayo ung pagiging addicted mo sa online games. Kuntento ka na sa DVD marathon and PSP games mo. D ka din sumasama sa mga gimik ng team mo. Honda ka umuwi, that is, on the that ka mag out para makauwi agad sakin. Natuto ako magluto ng kaldereta at mechado dahil sayo and pasado naman sa panlasa mo.

Araw2 nata-touch ako sa mga gnagawa mo kc ikaw lng tanging taong nakakagawa sakin ng lahat ng un. Kc khit puyat ka at galing sa work, gumigsing ka khit d pa complete ung tulog mo para sunduin ako sa work. Tpos pagluluto mo ko pag off mo at may pasok ako. Before, madalas ako ung magluto pero ngayon ikaw na nagluluto madalas, bihira na lng me. And araw2 minamahal kita dahil sa mga efforts mo sakin. Ikaw lng tanging tao na naghahatid sakin ng araw2 at sumusundo ng may payong pa and masyado kang concern sakin. Lagi mong memorize ung plate number ng taxi sa araw2.
Minsan nanood tyo ng TV and love story ung palabas (1st Qtr of 2009). I asked u – Hon, na-in love ka na ba? You answered – Oo. I asked – Kanino? You replied – Sayo.

Nakakatunaw ung mga tingin mo nung time na un habang sinasabi mo un. And ung mga pangarap natin na magkaron ng Rent to Own Condo, Wedding, at mrami pang bagay eh sobrang nakakatouch pag sayo lahat galing ung mga un.

First time mo mainlove and first time ko din mainlove. Now ko lng nalaman na magkaiba pala ung LOVE sa IN LOVE. Dpat pala eh IN LOVE ka sa taong LOVE or mahal mo. Dati kc nagmamahal lng ako. Pero I was never in love. Sayo lng. Gnon pala un. Kc palagi tyong lumulutang sa langit. Lagi tyo nakangiti.
Kahit na may mga humihingi ng number mo sa office at name eh ok lng sakin. Never ako nagselos. Sbi mo, un ang mga qualities na nagustuhan mo sakin. Kc sabi mo ung mga dati eh mga selosa, pag may kausap ka lng nagagalit na sila. And ayaw mo din sa nagger. Parang tadhana talaga tyo kc thimik lng akong tao. Bihira may lumabas sa bibig ko. Sbi ng friends ko pag may lumabas sa bibig ko palaging important words.

Bata pa lng ako tahimik na ako kaya ako may mga award na Most Behaved at Most Peaceful Child haha. Naiba lng nung Gr5 naging Most Creative.

Pero kng ano ung kinatahimik ko sa labas, palakwento ako sayo. But I never nag you for anything, right. Nagkukwento lng ako ng mga nangyari sakin sa araw2. Palagi tyong tumatawa d2 sa bahay. Araw2 masaya and kng may time na tinotopak ka ng mood swings, kaya ko naman sakyan. Sanay na ako and balewala un sa mga efforts na gnagawa mo.

Sa tatlong taon natin, parang kelan lng un ah. Ang bilis ng panahon. In love na in love pa rin tyo sa isa’t isa. Walang nagbabago kundi waistline natin.

Last wk, first time natin mag outing kasama officemates ko and im proud kasi sa knila mismo nanggaling na mabait ka daw, maasikaso, gentleman, etc. Natutuwa sila satin kc sweet daw tyo and may chemistry. Sana maulit ulit un with my officemates.

Pag kasama naman natin ang family ko, ok ka din naman sa knila. Kilalang kilala ka na din samin and kilalang kilala na din ako sa inyo so wala naman talaga tayong major problems.

Kng dumating man ung time na un, kapit lng tayo mabuti sa isa’t isa kc minsan dumadating ung bagyo. And walang tutulong satin kundi tyong dalawa lng.

Masyado pang maikli ung 3 years pero parang ang tagal na natin. Kahit araw2 tayo nagkikita sa 3 years wla pa rin kasawaan.

I dont know how to thank you hon kaya gumawa na lng ako ng mini-autobiography natin. Para malaman nila kng gaano ka kabait sakin. Kng gaano ako kaswerte at ikaw ang honey ko.

Hinding hndi ako nagsisi kahit kelan na ikaw ang pinili ko and NEVER akong magsisisi. Meron akong peace of mind and parang wala tayong problema sa mundo.

Kng babalik at babalik ung panahon na un, ikaw at ikaw pa rin ang pipiliin ko. Wala ng iba. Bakit? Sayo ko lng naranasan ang HEAVEN, why would I go to hell?

Salamat sa pagmamahal mo, sa loyalty mo, sa pakikinig mo sakin, sa pagsuporta mo sa work ko, sa pag unawa, sa pag aalaga. Salamat sa paggising mo sakin araw2 para maligo. Salamat sa pagpapainit mo ng tubig at pagluluto ng ulam para baon ko sa work. Salamat sa mga sandwiches na gnagawa mo para baon ko. Salamat din sa pagsalubong mo sakin galing sa work ng mga mtamis mong ngiti. Yayakapin mo ako at ipaghahanda ng pagkain. Ung mga bagay na un ang nagtatanggal ng pagod ko and ikaw ang dahilan kng bkit ako nabubuhay sa mundo.

Wala na akong masabi pa kundi SALAMAT Honey ko and mahal na mahal kita.

30 (“,)

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Living a Happy Life

IĀ have never experienced being this happy in my life. SomeoneĀ  can make meĀ laugh everyday. AĀ  partner who is always there for me day and night. He had done a lot ofĀ  things for meĀ  that he neverĀ  didĀ  before in his life. He changed a lot to a better person. He did it unconciously. And he still tries his best to giveĀ  meĀ  all that can make me happy. Im a whole person now.

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Bestfriends in love!

We were just co-trainess last Ferbruary, became close and bestfriends in April. However after 2 months, something happened. When we were still bestfriends, we spent a lot of time with each other at work. During product training, we always laugh at anything, we ate , talk, and go home together. After product training, we went to EDGE and we were separated into different teams. But still we spent a lot of time with each other. We were always waiting up for each other after QA Feedbacks and teams’ meetings. We would always meet up going to work and after shift we would always eat first before going home. He had done a lot of things to me for the past few months. And he’s the only person who did that for me. He made a lot of effort in our friendship. He is very nice and smart. A lot of people admire him because of his looks but I admire him because of his attitude and personality.

Before I became close with him, I was always down because of personal issues and he was the one who had made me happy. During my failures during EDGE and TRANSIT, I can see the concern in his face whenever I got failing QA scores. He was always there for me. When he knows that Im down, he would make extra efforts in making me laugh and so, I would go home very happy.

As months passed by and we go on as bestfriends, doing the same routine everyday, something happened between us. Not only spending time at work as much as possible, but we were always texting each other during our day offs whenever when we were awake. So, it’s as if we were not in day off. We always meet earlier than our shift, sometimes we had different lunchtime but we would always wait upĀ  for each other after shift.

He would always go to my pod just to mock meĀ and tickle me. Everyday we became closer and we spent more time with each other. We would always watch movies during day offs after salary day in MOA. We always spent time swimming inĀ Laguna almost every week. He was always there whenĀ IĀ needed him. HeĀ never let me down. HeĀ had supported me in a lot of ways. And Im proudĀ  of him cause he have gotten a lot of awards during EDGE and TRANSIT.

He is a friendly person and veryĀ pihikan. He told me thatĀ girls are always misinterpreting what he is doing for them. So, when he found out that they are falling for him,Ā  he wouldĀ go away…. But in our case,Ā he likes me andĀ I found out I like him too cause of the things he had done for me. He is so sweet to me. A gentleman. Very caring. And I can see his concern for me. He’s a littleĀ “seloso” and demanding and possessive, so I have to adjust with him. I would understand him and will be continously patient with him. He isĀ “masungit” toĀ others but toĀ me, he always laugh and laugh and smile and smile.Ā 

We are now in the getting to know stage in our new phase of our relationship. We spent more time with each other. Our day offs were not enough for our bonding that’s why we have lot of plans ahead to spend more time with each other.

I am thankful that he came into my life cause he is a nice person. A lot of people thought of him as arrogant, snobbish, but once you get to know him, he is the opposite. He is sweet and gentleman. He has a lot of sense of humor. He is smart. He made extra efforts for me. He already had done a lot of things for me and Im thinking of ways how can I repay what he’s been doing to me. Eventhough he has attitudes like being “seloso”, possessive, impatient to others, he has more positive attitudes that they cover what his “opportunities” are. He is really putting a lot of efforts in this relationship. He started like that when we were bestfriends and he is improving more and more each day. I really appreciate what he is doing for me. Some people can do it for me, but in his case, he really made an extra effort, he had done a lot of sacrifices even as friends only, how much more now that we are in our new phase of our relationship. I’ll just have to wait for his next actions are.

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Having a male bestfriend

We’ve known each other since English Training but we are not that close. It happened during Product Training. We became bestfriends that time and we became closer after product training, even though we were in different teams. I had become so down a lot of times lately, and he was always there for me. He knew how to make me laugh, how to make me happy. I’m so grateful I have met him cause he’s a rare treasure for me. He is beautiful inside and out.

We consider each other a treasure and a privilege to have one another. He is so sweet to me, very gentleman.I call him “bossing”, he calls me “amo”, and i don’t know why. I call him bossing ’cause all of his things were in my bag and I had to remind him always of what to bring, what to do.

I don’t know how he did it but I’m always happy whenever I’m with him. He also tells me he is happy to be with me and compared toĀ when he was in during English Training, he was very serious and rarely smiles. But now that he was with me, he’s always laughing.

Ā I didn’t notice his sweet smile and pretty face before cause he was always serious. Now, he keeps on joking around and has a lot of friends. He had achievements and I’m very proud of him.

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Batchmates as friends

During our English training since Feb 4, we were 24 down to 23. After 4weeks, we were down to 8 only. So, only few of us moved on to week5 and 6. After week6, we passed our requirements then we went to product training now. It’s for 3 weeks and at the start of our product training, we were separated into two different sections. Only me and Dhae were together in another section because our surnames were near alphabetically.

We became close because we were always together and though we mingled to other classmates, we were so attached to our batch that we were always waiting up after our shift. My closest batchmate among us 8 were Paul but since he was in a different section, Dhae and I became close. But honestly speaking, i have a different impression of him during our first 4weeks of english training. But i got to know him better during week 5 and 6 and especially this product training since april 1st.

I am also close to Derrick too and we always laugh whenever we were together. And now that he was in another section, Dhae and I had became closer and we would always laugh at our classmates who were so funny. We would laugh to anything amusing situation or happening in the room or at work. We do that so we won’t be sleepy. I am happy to get to know him ’cause i found out he is a fun guy to be with. I thought he was arrogant and snobbish at first because of his looks. But he is smart and good-looking and nice. He always makes me laugh. He made my product training alive cause it’s really sleepy to work during those hours.

Our batch are so attached with each other and we eat when we have the time and the resources. We are like siblings or second family. And im sad to think that during EDGE training we will be reshuffled into different teams with members only 6 to 7 with different coaches on the floor.

But im still hoping that we will have communication even though we will be having different shifts in the future.

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Taking International Calls

My 2nd week of taking calls was really fun and exciting for me. During my 2nd day with my new buddy, she told me that i can handle calls on my own and that compared to other agents i have better comprehension. She told me Im good and that Im an organized person. Im good in leaving notes and can understand what the customers were saying.

She really motivated me to become a better agent day by day. That’s why Im not nervous anymore when taking calls. I may have lack product knowledge but she told me that I can handle calls and she always tell me that im good. She told me i was studying my lessons. She wasn’t parroting me since Day 1 with her and she was impressed with me. Cause when it comes to dead air, she didn’t parrot me, i was the one who provided for myself. She will only tell me what to say if it is about product and we are not yet finished in our product training so they understand that we still lack the knowledge.

Im always looking forward in my taking of calls and it was fun to help people from another country.

This week, our product training will end and next week will be the start of our EDGE Training. We will have a different shift and it will be 11hours including breaks and we will take calls by ourselves for four hours!

Hope I can be better by that time won’t need any supervison anymore.

Thanks to my buddies during Week 1 and Week 2.

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Break time at work

It is exacly 2:24AM here at work, i am posting this message here in my blog because I really don’t have the time to post anything here anymore. I am on break now and is just surfing the net with my co-trainee.

We are going to have our buddy-up session with the best agents at 5:15AM to 7am later and we are going to do the Parrot Call that they call here.

My senior buddy was so nice with me yesterday because he gave me a New Hire Cheat Script so I can review some of the spiels I need to say to a customer.

Working in a call center is not tiring but rather sleepy,Ā ’cause our body’s just starting to adjust and cope with the new body clock we don’t usually have.

I hope I’ll do good later with our very first LIVE taking in of calls from customers!

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Call Center Training

I started my call center training last February 4th and we started as 24 in our batch. After 3 days we were only 23 until the end. We had 4 groups, and i belonged to Group 2 (2nd row) which we called the Coffee Prince Team. We were composed of 6 members, only one male. He was the leader in our group and had great ideas. He boosted our confidence and motivated us into a better teammate. Every week we had listening and speaking exams and for 4 weeks we had to come up with at least 75% grade to pass the 4-week training.

Unfortunately, only 8 out of 23 passed and we advanced to another 2-week training. The 15 trainees who didn’t pass was being endorsed to a local account. It was really sad not to be able to see my group’s faces anymore. Only me and the male one passed from our group and it was really disappointing to come to class and not to be able to feel and see the laughter of our fellow co-trainees. The stubborness and the noisiness. Teasing one another, competing to a lot of activities.

We had activities that made our group got closer together. And as a batch, we also bonded after the day’s training. Eating outside or just chatting. Inside, it was only AmSpeak, but when we were already outside it’s a relief to talk in our native language once again. But we still speak American because we were already used to it but still it is better to explain things in the language that we are comfortable about.

I miss my groupmates, especially my seatmates. I was in the aisle and i experienced being a representative of our group thrice or so in an activity. I had fun guessing the liased words and be able to figure the exact words faster than the other group. I was also able to answer first about an activity in which you have to put the correct word in a blank in a sentence to make it grammatically correct. And we got points for that. And when we had the Pass-the-message activity, i was the only who was able to hear our trainer correctly so what i told the person next to me, then passed on to the third member then finally to the sixth and last member, was correct. I was able to catch up words and remember them perfectly well. We had a lot of activities like role-playing and i’m really a very, shy person but our leader pushed us into doing it and we had no choice and so i was able to do things I never imagine that I can do such things.

It was really fun and exciting to meet new friends and people of different ages. Some already were married and had kids. But still they also had fun as much as we had. My co-trainees were surprised that i wasn’t 2o years old that they assumed me to be. Actually, I’m already old enough to have my family of my own but since I don’t at my age that’s why they thought that I was young like they were.

Now that we are only 8 from our batch, last week was our 5th week and we were combined with another batch. They were 13 of them who passed out of 21. So, we are now 21 and all we do was mock calls, practise tests, and buddy-up session with agents on the floor.

We were only 1 hour on the floor but I was so drained the other time we went there. Cause most of the customers who called my buddy we either irate or had many problems and inquiries that was hard to settle because of some factors. Some customers were hard to understand because they were not American and their accent was very difficult to understand. And also, some customers didn’t exactly know about the service they were getting that’s why they had a lot of questions why was their bill was so high.

Anyway, it would be fun to help people and I know I’m ready to be an agent. Even though it would be non-stop talking to different races, I know that once I can experience assisting them with their problem, I would be satisfied and happy for what I have accomplished.

We are already in our 6th week, either I passed or not, I still have something that I got from the training I’m having now. I made many friends, I experienced being a call center agent, my confidence got higher, and I’ve never been happier in my life. Thanks for our trainer who was very tough and strict with us. She made us better agents than the other batch. We hope we won’t disappoint you and pass on Thursday.

For my batchmates, whatever happens, we will be always be bonded. We will always be friends. Thank you for the memories. Just keep in touch okay!

God bless! Break a leg, guys!

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